Dimensional Portals

Dimensional Portals



How were we capable of being able to go through the high energy belts with the technology that existed in the sixties, the one from the different Apollos? ships with which we’ve gone to the Moon, based on a very primitive science and even more rudimentary isolating systems in respect to the year 2019, in which the technique has even more difficulties than in the sixties? Unless it was a montage on a cinema plateau, as it’s always been said, referring to Stanley Kubrich. But nowadays, over 50 years later, science tells us that there are several unresolved issues. One of them is going over 500km high. But how did we get there? and, what technique did we use to go to the Moon and come back as if we had gone to the corner for a coffee?To what extent are we using stellar portals or ships unknown by the common mortals? Has someone left us some technology to be able to work in space? because our technology, is still scarce for the challenges that await us out there.

We will now see some points that were not properly cleared:



For many years, we have studied and analyzed the trips to the Moon and the technology that Nasa used at the time. But with time, we have learned that the Earth is coated by an energy field that comes from solar plasma and interacts with the metallic nucleus of the Earth. From both interactions, we obtain the Van Allen belts as a result.

Around any planet with an external magnetic field, there is a region called the magnetosphere.

In this region, the planet’s magnetic field, diverts the majority of the solar wind, forming a protective shield against the high solar energy charged particles. Some planets have a weaker field, as it is in the case of Mars. These radiation belts are due to the intense magnetic field of the Earth, caused by its rotation, which catches the solar charged particles.

The belts are basically two: an exterior and an interior one. Recently in 2012, NASA’s spatial mission denominated “Radiation Belt Storm Probes”, has discovered a third transient belt, detached from the outer belt. We still speak of two belts, but on a determined time it could be three or more.

The external belt extends to a height of 10.000 km up to 65.000 km, even its most intense part, goes from 14.500 km up to 19.000. The internal belt closer to our planet, extends between 1.000 and 6000 km above the surface of the earth. A human being exposed only for a fraction of a second to an energy source of millions of volts, like those, would be literally fried or would suffer the consequences on their DNA where serious mutations or diseases and death could happen.

Throughout the years we’ve asked ourselves: how is it possible to go through them without our biology suffering the effects of such a powerful field and without the radiation affecting the cells, inevitable path, to be able to get out of the planet heading towards the Moon or other planets, with the technology that we know in this time?

Our planet Earth is surrounded by three concentric rings, which are formed by high energy coming from the solar wind and the interaction with the magnetic field of the Earth, resulting in the creation of these belts.

With the materials that we had in the sixties and behind this controversy, we got involved in the arrival of mankind on the Moon. Maybe because we touched upon the dark side of the conquest of space, despite the fact that nowadays, they say that the Moon is within the Belts.

Recently, a group of researchers came to the conclusion that besides the two radiation belts previously described, another one exists included between them, formed by antiparticles. Said belt is a fine band of antiparticles. Its discovery was done from a satellite called Pamela. Its mission was to look for antiparticles within the amount of normal particles. They discovered that when Pamela passed through the “Anomaly of the South Atlantic”, it found an abnormal rate of antiprotons, not to say, thousands of times more intense.


The shuttle route does not go through the previously mentioned zone, but it’s possible that similar things happen in some other place. Which would better indicate how the hell we were able to get around those fields with the Saturn 5 to go to the Moon. The information we have, is that we went in full speed and in very little time, but with minimal protection. Which is why we always have doubts.

On many occasions we remembered the Stanley Kubrick movie “THE SHINING”. In it there are some encrypted clues about how they filmed the moon landing of APOLLO XI. It’s too many things against the arrival of man on the Moon, with the technology that has been shown by the media of the time.

Now that we have touched upon, only touched upon, the types of space radiation and the typical dose of radiation… what did the Apollo astronauts experience? Based on what we’ve exposed until now, it’s easy to suppose that, as long as the exposure time isn’t too high, the radiation conditions in interplanetary space are not especially high compared to the dose received in LEO, except for two cases: the Van Allen radiation belts and solar storms. In the case of the first, the Apollo missions went through these zones very quickly, in a matter of few hours (30 minutes for the interior proton belt, the most dangerous ones), which is why the absorbed dose is really minuscule.

Attached figure about the disposition of highly charged particle fields.

(Trajectory followed by the Apollo XI path of the Moon, to avoid the E.M. radiation)

Solar flares were known pretty well in the sixties. But not with the certainty we currently have, about the intensity and amount that a human being can endure; both when crossing one of these belts (due to the lack of appropriate protection), and the duration of exposure to them. Neither the repercussion in the cardiovascular system, based on recent studies.



CM consists of two basic structures joined to one another: the internal structure (the pressure case) and the external structure (the heat shield). The internal structure consists of an internal welded aluminium skin, adhesively linked to the external sheet of flattened aluminium of the main side. The thickness of the panel varies from approximately 1 – ½ on the base to approximately ¼ of an inch in the advanced access tunnel.

This internal structure (basically the team or crew compartment) is the part of the module which is pressurized and contains an atmosphere.
The external structure is the heat shield and it is made of stainless steel welded to the welded panel between similar alloy steel sheets. This varies in thickness from ½ inch to 1-½ inches. The part of the area between the internal and external cases is full of a layer of fibrous insulation as additional protection from heat.

Spaceship, from the time of the trips to the Moon (1969-1972). According to Nasa, Apollo 11 had a very fine aluminium cover. Between 3,5 and 20 millimeters (¾ of an inch in its maximum extension), which also did not cover the whole ship. It had at least one glass window in the shape of a bull’s eye. That was all the protection against the external radiation of the Earth.

The space shuttles flew at a height that rarely exceeded 400km. In the Atlantis, between the 11th and 28th of may 2009, the crew flew to a height of 578 Km. On that occasion, the Atlantis had to descend to a lower level given that the crew were warning they felt strange sensations. They saw little stars everywhere with their eyes closed. They were far from the internal belt, over 400 Km away, but the crew was being affected by the EM field.




In all ancient mythologies they spoke of a transport system used by gods. It was represented as a kind of door. It was observed in all cultures, mainly in the Sumerian, in which they spoke of Dirannas. These were used mainly by Gina’abul gods and they were related to very distant places in space. Maybe space time. Something like airports but with portals, to go from one point to another without moving, without the need for any transport, but through energy, in a kind of quantum singularity wave.

To be more precise about their function, “The Dirannas”, are ports that lead to a singularity in temporal space, where the notion of time does not exist. Time literally collapses in itself due to an intense concentration of light particles. These tunnels have a high index of particles.

The Diranna are invisible in plain sight, due to their density, and to their size which tends to be very small. The more dense ones generally remain in fixed positions, while the less dense often move through the surface of a planet like ordinary particles do, probably like a gigantic charge that moves over the Earth, following an invisible energy grid.

I ask myself, to what extent have we recovered the ancient stories of the Stellar Portals? Would the UNITED STATES have technology capable of moving troops to any part of the world in one hour?

Recently a member of the military (General Kwast), one of those members of the USAF with many flight and combat hours, so, a man that has put in the work, yet limited by silence; of what he sees or hears. He must not speak of certain topics outside of the forum he belongs to and he must respect that silence. He probably speaks of fast travel, with another type of technology, that would allow for high speed travel and placing a load or military material, without having means adjusted to the place of travel. We speak of cutting edge technology, because this General let slip that “China is preparing a space force, with destructors and battleships in space, capable of destroying an enemy force” and of course, the question then is: what type of plane goes to space with people that pee or clones of a hybrid race, that allows them to survive in spaces hostile to human biology?

We know about the existence of the TR B3 ASTRA, interestingly, the word “Astra” comes from the ancient Vimanas. They were ships of ancient India (according to Vedas texts), in which they speak of a mercury based technology, as a propulsion system. In the case of the TR B3 ASTRA, they also use pressurized mercury as a propulsion system, with the characteristic that if it allowed us to go through those powerful Belts, due to its protection system against particles. Cutting edge technology, that some voices say we have been using from the start of the sixties. The TR B3 ASTRA allowed us to go to the Moon in an hour, much before the Apollo went from the Canaveral Cape.


In the previous images we can observe a type of unofficially declared ship. It would have been operative since the 60s in different phases, and it would operate between the Earth and the Moon. It could be one of the different orbital vehicles that the military astronauts used to carry out operations in the Moon. Intelligence operations mostly. These types of ships have an energy field so intense that it could go through the Van Allen Belts without any issue, using the energy of this field as a propulsion system, interacting between both fields: the environment one and the ship’s own field.

Sometimes I think, which seat of the theater am I on. It’s as if a theater was divided between the first row (for the elite), and another one in which I am sitting. For many years, some people have spoken of retro engineering based on the ufos recovered from accidents. Many military men have already said that we have sufficient technology to “bring ET back home”, comment made by the director of the Northron Corporation. My question would be: how to make dimensional jumps to other worlds? The problem is knowing who is helping us in that jump and what did they ask for in small letters. This reminds me that we live in a world dominated by images and science fiction movies, as in the case of Stargate.

In that movie, technology premium for its beauty. There they show us different races, with different technologies, to which more powerful. Many of them, based on plasma, microwaves, etc. But one of them is the motive behind this article: fast transfer of materials and ships with its combat crew to anywhere and for fights against any enemy.

If Stargate is the movie, the script we are talking about is SOLAR GUARDEN. and ALIENS that help us, the brute force that puts logistics in the war scenario, above the Russians or the chinese.

Dimensional portals solve all kinds of logistical and combat issues, according to this military. Who adds that having transport for troops that would be operative and ready, term of “ONE HOUR” we will take it as so. The thing is knowing: WHERE THERE IS TRUTH AND WHERE PUBLICITY.

On many occasions we try to comprehend dimensional portals. On a point, with a very intense electromagnetic field, where there is a large concentration of light, would be a way to create a portal. Something very well described in ancient texts or a way to get to worlds in a fast and silent manner. In this way the planet’s own energy fields can be used in order to use physics different to the one we know, very ancient and more effective than the current one (referring to dimensional portals). On other occasions it has been said that the planet is a prison. From the point of view of this article, we can consider that this 3D world, is found confined in a field, and that possibly, the planet’s own field, drags other non-physical dimensions that are not confined to this reality behind it. Someone used to say these fields confine energy in 3D, and once outside of it, other interconnected dimensions exist, superior ones, that would not be interconnected with 3D.

Times change, so does technology and knowledge, but the base is the same. As the aliens out there say: “you give humans a little technology and they make a world of variety with that same technology, they’re very imaginative.”


Fidel C. Hdz.

Fidel C. Hdz.

Fidel C. Hernandez has over 40 years of experience in Ufology, Biomagnetism therapist and Reiki Master. Trained in Remote Vision, Extrasensory communication and Regressions. Currently a Member of the Imshaya Project, in charge of the Ufology Department and collaborator in the Transpersonal Investigation Department.

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