Fidel C. Hernández – Ufology Department

About me:

Fidel C. Hernandez has over 40 years of experience in Ufology, Biomagnetism therapist and Reiki master. Trained in Remote Vision, Extrasensorial communication and Regressions. Currently a Member of the Imshaya Project in charge of the Ufology department and as a collaborator to the Transpersonal Investigation department.

This department will not only provide Ufology cases as part of our own experience, but will also focus on The Consciences behind that advanced technology. It is a whole responsibility to demystify, by proving that they are only consciences in different evolutionary points. That is where the concepts ‘good’ and ‘bad’ come in, often used adjectives, that usually exclude due to a lack of information.

About Imshaya Project

The Imshaya Project is a living project, as such, its content adapts and updates as the needs of the collective emerge. In this path we will upload videos, interviews, conferences, etc. When it happens, it will be done with the intention to touch the hearts of many

people so that we can remember how to recover our True Identity, how to free ourselves of all the acquired beliefs that stop our development; because we truly are LIGHT BEINGS with an IMMENSE POTENTIAL.

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