Her last birthday


She was very young. She had been at the hospital for several days. The family took turns to care for her but the ones I remember the most are: her mother, a woman with a sad look in her eyes due to the circumstances, and her husband, equally sad. They seemed to be woven by the same thread of sadness.

She had very pretty eyes. That day, when I saw her she said it was her birthday, that she is wishing for her husband to arrive. That he would probably bring her a present like he had done every year. She was very excited.

At 19:45 I saw her husband. We said hello to each other. He was in a rush because he hadn’t been able to go before work. He didn’t have anything in his hands. I don’t think he knew which day it was. Almost crying, he said:

-What should I do now?… I’m so desperate that I don’t even know which day I’m living in. I said:

-Go down with this elevator which will bring you more directly. Go to the hospital store…

-But what should I buy for her?

-Bring her the plushie you like the most. Then cross, go to the flower shop and buy her a rose.

-But I’ve always bought her cake…

-Tell her that her blood glucose levels are high and it would be better not to eat it, based on the recommendations from staff. Tomorrow you bring the cake and tell her we were exaggerating, that the levels aren’t so high.

The man ran as fast as he could because the shops closed at 20:00. When I went back to the room she looked like little girl. She radiated joy hugged to the plushie. She said:

-You see? Like I told you, he brought my present.

I said:

-How sweet!! You’re so lucky you have a husband that loves you so much.

Yes… He bought her the plushie, i don’t know if it’s the one he liked, but it was the biggest and of course accompanied by a rose. He thanked me with subtle signals so that she wouldn’t notice. It was wonderful to see how they were able to celebrate her last birthday. She left not long after, leaving the plushie behind for their son.

Carmen Rosa Rivero

Carmen Rosa Rivero

Carmen Rosa is a Reiki Master and a Nursing Assistant, with 11 years of experience in the Palliative Care Department of the Dr. Negrin University Hospital.

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