Imshaya Project

Recovering Multidimensionality and our True Identity

Transforming ourselves from the ‘Being’

Activating the Lithium frequency

What does the Imshaya Project give you?

Tools to achieve your goals through a transformation which, if it emerges from your heart, will allow you to understand that limitations are illusory, merely ideas that have been slowly substituting those of your Essence, thus covering your True Identity.

From this platform we will provide you the necessary help to rescue that multidimensional language that gets forgotten as it is replaced by those beliefs that shape your personality in each life.

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Transpersonal Investigation Department

The absolute acceptance of ourselves and the circumstances that surround us, guarantees being able to remember and thus access our True Identity once again.

Feeling and seeing through the eyes of the Soul, allows us to understand that in this Planet we are only passing through, but not separate from our Universal legacy: Multidimensionality.

It is an enjoyment and a responsibility of Soul growth, keeping in conscious contact with the Quantic Being we are, in order to continue interacting naturally with other Beings and other dimensions, from anywhere.

Ufology Department

Time really does fly! Over forty years have passed since my beginnings in this exciting and mysterious field, Ufology…

The distortion of reality that has been present in regards to this topic is becoming evident, because like every other coin, it also has two sides. It is true that until now, one has been getting more attention than the other, but my perceptions have brought me to the certainty that even though opposites exist in everything, we must stay informed because knowledge demystifies and liberates.

I will write articles, post videos, interviews, etc., showing you that any dimension can seem as close and familiar as we allow it to, given that they are all part of us. As such, I wish to share with you what I so naturally investigate and has been a part of my life since I was a child. It will possibly clear up doubts and generate questions, that I will, of course, be happy to answer.

Other Departments

Returning to The Light

The objective of this department is to be able to face death naturally as a part of life. Understand and integrate that it is only a transformation… continuing, just like it happens to a caterpillar when it becomes a butterfly, it will provide us true liberation.

Cellular Consciousness

Pampering our physical support represents quality of life. Being conscious of the fact that it’s not just a body, but a wonderful extension of the home of our Higher Self, should push us to provide it with the best, because it isn’t only emotions that condition our healthy development.

Translation Department

Even though the Project was born in the Canary Archipelago, we will be sharing our articles, books and everything that happens in this beautiful path, not only in spanish, but also in english.

Leading the Department of Translation, is Vivian Telleria. She is in charge of spreading the publications and bringing the Imshaya frequency closer to as many people as possible, removing the language barrier, by translating the website to english.

Featured Events

2019/2020 Agenda

Upcoming dates for Events, Courses and Personal Attention.

FREE, receive 3 Personal Growth stories for all ages!

Recover your innocence. Value what’s actually important. Believe in yourself!!

These little books, as stories, will give you the clues to achieve it. They’ve been written for your Soul, so enjoy your reading!!


Our Services

Face-to-face Personal Attention

For personal attention, either face-to-face or via telephone please call +34 650 953 201

Personalized Emotional Healing

If you wish to regain your self-esteem, get rid of your fears, phobias, insecurities, etc., we recommend this service for you.

Implant Elimination

One way of regaining control of your life, is locating implants and programs (whether they are in the physical or in the ethereal structure) and disabling them after finding out why they were placed, since this understanding will provide you with confidence and liberation.

Regressions and Liberation from Blockages

Ericksonian and reconstructive regression used simultaneously, they help as a consulting guide of past lives, providing understanding and practical solutions for your present, while clearing the blockage affecting you.

Transpersonal channeling

This therapy seeks information in other planes of consciousness related to the topic you wish to address. When you accept multidimensionality you allow yourself a larger consciousness expansion, integrating those more subtle perceptions naturally.

Facilitator training

Our Project offers the Imshaya Method which includes several modules and their respective levels, in which you can be trained as a facilitator in order to impart said method. There are annual meetings planned to keep your knowledge up to date


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Phone (+34) 650 95 32 01

About Imshaya Project

The Imshaya Project is a living project, as such, its content adapts and updates as the needs of the collective emerge. In this path we will upload videos, interviews, conferences, etc. When it happens, it will be done with the intention to touch the hearts of many

people so that we can remember how to recover our True Identity, how to free ourselves of all the acquired beliefs that stop our development; because we truly are LIGHT BEINGS with an IMMENSE POTENTIAL.

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