Inma Imshaya – Transpersonal Investigation Department

About me:

  • Founder and Director of the Imshaya Project
  • Transpersonal Investigator
  • Subconscious analyst
  • Lecturer and Writer
  • Telepath
  • Trainer of the Imshaya Method

The main objective as a Founder of this Multidimensional Project, is sharing my experience, both in the physical and more subtle planes, since there is no separation, we can take the reigns of our life, consciously modifying it in any way.

One of the tools that I most often use to achieve it, is finding information about myself in other consciousness planes. As I find it, I happily check how to apply it practically in my day to day, it allows everything that provides balance, joy, emotional well-being and prosperity to manifest in my life; it definitely helps me grow while appreciating every instant of my existence wherever I am.

This is the reason why, within my choices, I have preferred to consciously generate other realities over running away or continue experimenting the most uncomfortable one. When the time came I observed myself, reflected and set an expiration date to the way I managed my own life up until then. After that I focused my intention in that third dimension, as my own decision, to rediscover that everything we may want to manifest, does not depend on a dimension, but on how the goal becomes an anchor.

It will be wonderful to share it with you!!

About Imshaya Project

The Imshaya Project is a living project, as such, its content adapts and updates as the needs of the collective emerge. In this path we will upload videos, interviews, conferences, etc. When it happens, it will be done with the intention to touch the hearts of many

people so that we can remember how to recover our True Identity, how to free ourselves of all the acquired beliefs that stop our development; because we truly are LIGHT BEINGS with an IMMENSE POTENTIAL.

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