Pino González - Cellular Consciousness Department

About me:

I arrived to the Imshaya project eager to discover, learn and help. Since I was little I had a vocation to be a nurse and be able to work in a hospital, I finished nursing school in 1995, and started working in different areas of the Island hospital until 1996, year in which I passed some exams that allowed me to work as an intern in the military hospital Juan Carlos I, for 8 years.

At the same time I also worked in a dialysis club with renal patients. Wishing to contribute to a better society, I underwent training and applied to programs that taught the Doman method for infant stimulation. I also brought the Berard method for audio reeducation to the Canaries for the first time to improve the emotional and physical well-being of kids and adults.

For a while I directed a radio program titled “Educating with Love” in which I shared my knowledge and tools, especially for families with special needs kids. I was also trained in vegetarian nutrition through a master in a private entity in Madrid and on auriculo puncture.

I am currently working in the Nuclear Medicine department of the maternity-infant Insular Hospital Complex, and I’m still training, especially on nutrition and enjoying the beautiful path of the investigation and growth in the Imshaya project.

About Imshaya Project

The Imshaya Project is a living project, as such, its content adapts and updates as the needs of the collective emerge. In this path we will upload videos, interviews, conferences, etc. When it happens, it will be done with the intention to touch the hearts of many

people so that we can remember how to recover our True Identity, how to free ourselves of all the acquired beliefs that stop our development; because we truly are LIGHT BEINGS with an IMMENSE POTENTIAL.

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