Many days and nights not sleeping well and exhausted, worrying about her father. She shyly asked me how long it would take for everything to be over. We spoke about the same topic every day. I always answered by asking if there was anyone that still needed to come say goodbye. She said no, that she was an only daughter. That the rest of the scarce family had come.

The patient only had a very old brother, but outside of the island and whom he had said goodbye to a while ago. I asked if she had anything pending with her father and, surprised, she said no, that they adored each other. That she had told him many times that he could rest and they would be okay. I insisted with the same question always answering the same. One night one of her cousins came to be with her. Same conversation and they went out while I tended to the patient. A while later they called me and the cousin came to me and said: it’s done. I had to remind them of something that happened with the father years ago. When I arrived to the room she said: you were right. I never resented him for what happened. We spoke about it at the time and I thought everything was fine. I told my dad that if that was the reason why he hadn’t gone, that I forgave him if it’s what he needed and that I loved him very much. Only a few minutes went by and he left.

It’s a shame I didn’t know before, but I’m happy, calm and with the sensation of having finished nice work. All I can say is thank you…thank you so much.

Carmen Rosa Rivero

Carmen Rosa Rivero

Carmen Rosa is a Reiki Master and a Nursing Assistant, with 11 years of experience in the Palliative Care Department of the Dr. Negrin University Hospital.

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