Speak to him with your soul


Speak to him with your soul

The night shifts at the hospital tend to be long, both for the staff and the families waiting there. This was a night like many others…On this occasion, a woman was at the door of the room where her 25 year old son was going through agony. Each time I went to the hallway, she would look out. I don’t know if she was waiting for someone specific but she looked at me without daring to say anything. I approached her to ask if she needed anything. She said yes while sadly asking me: what can I do to get my son to rest? I’ve been caring for him for three years and I need him to do it now. I’m broken in pain but I think the time has come. I answered: tell him, just like you’re saying it to me, let it come from your soul. Doing that you give him the best of presents. He needs that freedom or permission to be able to go. She paid close attention to me and said she would do it. I asked her if she needed my company but she said no. That she just needed to hear that and thanked me. That door closed and a while later the bell rang. The suffering had ended.

Carmen Rosa Rivero

Carmen Rosa Rivero

Carmen Rosa is a Reiki Master and a Nursing Assistant, with 11 years of experience in the Palliative Care Department of the Dr. Negrin University Hospital.

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