Why did this project start?

Inma Pedrero, founder of the Imshaya Project

The Imshaya Project started to remind us that we are the owners of a great legacy, the reigns of our own life. To be able to enjoy it, we must activate the memory that returns the information about who we are, where we come from, where we’re going and why. To obtain the answers to these questions from our Being, we must allow ourselves to feel with something more than ordinary senses. Which is why it’s so important to dare to expand our consciousness, that knowledge that we have about ourselves and everything around us.

All human beings are born with an immense potential that connects to the source of unlimited power. For it to emerge from the inside and be explored, we must open our hearts and feel life innocently, like children, without conditions or judgements. That attitude smooths the reconnection to our Essence, through which we will prove that life itself is a simple game we are immersed in.

It is acquired beliefs that make us think it’s complicated. But life can be summed up in a simple formula: daily choice between liberating ourselves or staying in fear.

When we discover that we are the only ones responsible for each step we take and hence their consequences, that nobody is guilty of anything, not even ourselves… when we integrate that they’re just choices to experiment surviving or living, we’ve already won 50% of the match. Growing little by little through the transformation that gives way to manifesting our Being, is the other half of the way.

We all have something to contribute to the rest, whether it be in our close environment or crossing borders. We are a big family experimenting from a kind of temporary forgetfulness, as such, the achievements of some can serve as a reference for others in their progress and vice versa.

That is how this Project was born, accepting that we are a lot more than a densified body in this dimension, as such, accepting multidimensionality as a part of us as well will help us find solutions when it comes to facing our challenges. In my case, the biggest one: not allowing an illness that forced me to remain in bed for two years without medical help, to end my life. To achieve that, first I had to transform my fears, but it was and still is the progressive fulfillment of a big dream. 

A fulfillment I will gladly share, not only showing how it’s helping me, but also how it can serve as encouragement so that many other people never give up, for them to keep on chasing their goals, THEIR DREAMS… until they become a reality, because the only limit in this life is the one we choose to allow.

As a contemporary spiritual teacher says, doctor Richard Alpert (Ramdass) “a thousand mile journey begins with one step”. And step by step is how I’ve decided to write my personal improvement experience, both the developments achieved until now and those still to come.

How many times have we shared our photo album with friends and family? Or those funny stories?… or even tougher experiences?… Everything has enriched and motivated us, and definitely… helping us grow. Sometimes we’ve felt our heart tearing due to an apparently difficult and traumatising situation. Although, thanks to that situation and sharing, we have been able to overcome the unthinkable, reaching our goal even early.

The treasures we get from the Universe aren’t actually ours, they’re borrowed. We must not lock them away. They are given to us with the added responsibility of spreading them so that whoever resonates with them can also benefit from them. It’s a way of giving STRENGTH to others!!! So… why must we count things when we’ve almost reached the end of the road? Why not live the experience step by step? I don’t have all the pieces. I bet when you read this you’ll say: neither do I. But if we exchange information, what we can have, is the certainty that together we will manage to build the puzzle adding intention, excitement and action, all with consistency.

The Imshaya Project is a living project, as such, its content is adapted and updated as the collective’s needs emerge. During this journey we will upload videos, interviews, conferences, etc. When we do, it’ll be with the intention of reaching the hearts of many people so that we can continue remembering how to regain our True Identity, how to liberate ourselves of all the acquired beliefs that slow down our growth; because we truly are LIGHT BEINGS with an IMMENSE POTENTIAL.

Let’s use and bring that Light wherever we go. It;s time to leave the state of lethargy

Let’s activate our POTENTIAL!!

About Imshaya Project

The Imshaya Project is a living project, as such, its content adapts and updates as the needs of the collective emerge. In this path we will upload videos, interviews, conferences, etc. When it happens, it will be done with the intention to touch the hearts of many

people so that we can remember how to recover our True Identity, how to free ourselves of all the acquired beliefs that stop our development; because we truly are LIGHT BEINGS with an IMMENSE POTENTIAL.

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